After months of fighting the COVID pandemic, many solutions have been explored.

Thousands and thousands of researchers and medical professionals have tried, explored and found dozens of ways, combining a variety of treatments, to help patients with their symptoms. Medical teams and all their staff have done an extraordinary job in being there for patients. Many vaccines have been produced in this concerted effort to try to stop this pandemic.

From Labo’Life, pioneers and leaders in micro-immunotherapy, we know that any illness, whether it is COVID or anything else is a symptom of an inadequate immune system response.

Our way to participate in this global effort of eradicating the COVID pandemic is by giving medical professionals the tools and the knowledge so they can work directly with the immune system through micro-immunotherapy.

We trust healthcare professionals, with their experience and knowledge, to choose, for each individual patient, the right mix of solutions available. With micro-immunotherapy we give each healthcare professional the opportunity to integrate an immunological therapy in their therapeutic approach.

The immune system, functioning at its natural optimum, is fundamental to any long term health solution.


Ian Wilders,
Managing Director of the Labo’Life Group