Published on March 16, 2020


With respect to the Coronavirus (Covid-19) infection spread worldwide, the declaration of a pandemic on March 11 by the World Health Organisation (WHO), and the implementation of confinement measures  in the different countries of the European Union, we would like to share our sincere concern regarding the health of the patients and of the health professionals who accompany them on a daily basis. Our wish is also to extend our solidarity to all those who have been affected by the Covid-19, particularly those who have lost a family member and who currently are going through a most difficult time.

Being aware of the exceptional nature of the situation and mindful of the health and well-being of our collaborators, since Monday, March 16, we have placed all the necessary means for our employees to work from their homes, with the exception of the services involved in the manufacture and distribution of our medicines, in order to guarantee their availability to patients.

Labo’Life upholds and recommends adherence to the protective measures set out by the WHO, in order to prevent as much as possible the spread of the infection, and to protect the health of individuals. Furthermore, as leaders in the field of micro-immunotherapy, we are well aware of the importance of the correct functioning of the immune system in the prevention of all infectious diseases. Consequently, we recommend to take steps to strengthen and enhance the capacity of response of the immune system, as immune deficiencies render the body more vulnerable to the virus and its associated consequences.

Thus, as part of a worldwide prevention strategy, we recommend to follow the health professionals’ recommendations, among which micro-immunotherapy may play a key role, as well as basic hygiene measures such as a balanced diet, restorative sleep and physical exercise, among others.

At Labo’Life, our teams will continue to do their utmost to maintain micro-immunotherapy at the disposal of health professionals, for the well-being of their patients.