Labo’Life’s Medicine Production Department is responsible for manufacturing the micro-immunotherapy medicines. Once the raw materials, i.e. the active substances of the medicine (cytokines, nucleic acids, etc.) and the packaging materials (among other things) have been analysed by the Quality Control (QC) laboratory and released (once their conformity has been verified) by the Qualified Person (QP), they can pass on to the production process.


Producción del medicamento


To guarantee medicine conformity during our production process, we have verification and monitoring procedures in place for the product during the manufacturing process as well as for the finished product. Each previously mentioned phase is controlled by the Quality Assurance Unit and validated by the Qualified Person to certify that internationally recognised pharmaceutical quality standards are complied with.

Quality is an indispensable prerequisite for a medicine. Our facilities have been designed specifically for the manufacturing of micro-immunotherapy medicines, allowing for their specificities, and we possess certificates of compliance of Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), issued by the pharmaceutical authorities for which each of our laboratories is accountable to.


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