What are the applications of micro-immunotherapy?

Micro-immunotherapy can be used in pathologies where the immune system is involved.

It is a notable fact that approximately 90% of all diseases are related to immune dysfunctions. Micro-immunotherapy can be a major ally both in acute and chronic disorders, including viral, bacterial or parasite infections, allergies, diseases associated with stress and/or aging processes as well as inflammatory processes, autoimmune diseases and cancer.

Can it be combined with other treatments?

Micro-immunotherapy can be integrated into a therapeutic strategy adapted to the patient. In general, its characteristics make it well tolerated and compatible with other therapies.

When it comes to prescribing a personalised treatment, however, immunity is not the only factor to be taken into account, as there are also other aspects such as the nutritional and physical condition and the mood of the patient that also influence his disease process.

Where can I find a micro-immunotherapy trained doctor?

Any patient wishing to use micro-immunotherapy should refer to a health professional trained in this field.

There are international doctors’ associations committed to micro-immunotherapy training for health professionals, such as the Institut IFMi (the French association for micro-immunotherapy). If you are looking for a doctor who uses this therapy, IFMi is the best place to provide information. You can find their contact details on the following website:

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