At Labo’Life what matters most to us are the people and, above all, those from our local region. We are happy to collaborate with social causes in general and support those closest in particular. Currently, many of our activities in this area are based in Mallorca, where our main plant of production and distribution of medications is located. We have aimed our social actions towards sports and disabilities with a programme called Rompiendo Barreras (Breaking Barriers). We want people with both functional and intellectual disabilities to have the opportunity to practice some physical activity that helps them enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.




Labo’Life, together with the non-profit association EducaClown, has brought the immune system to the stage for a good cause. In a clown format, two characters, captain Susi and soldier Fago, use absurd humour to approach the audience and convey the importance of taking care of the immune system -this amazing and powerful defence shield of the human body.

Using a staging withour artifice, the actors engage the audience to create a comic perspective of the importance of favouring physiological homeostasis and prevent the occurrence of diseases.

The immune system protects us naturally against daily attacks, and fights their harmful effects, but it algo steps in when our health is in danger. It always comes to the rescue, but sometimes it is not capable of giving an optimal response, because it is depressed or debilitated. Even superheroes need some help!


Mallorca handbike tour


We were one of the first companies to collaborate in the launch and development of the Mallorca Handbike Tour, an international race of professional and amateur handbikers participating in the same competition.

The most important thing about this sports event is not the result, but the fact that each athlete fulfils the objectives they have set for themself. We share their spirit of struggle and self-improvement.

Meridià Club Esportiu (Meridià Sports Club) is a non-profit club that creates and organises this inclusive cycling race, which in its different stages, travels through the beautiful landscapes of Mallorca, including Formentor.


we support the mallorca integra football academy

We are very grateful to the Mallorca Integra Foundation because it has given us the opportunity to participate in its programme aimed at the integration, and sporting and social inclusion of people with functional diversity and developmental disorders through adapted football.

Labo’Life’s promotion of physical activity among disadvantaged groups has its origin in a previous collaboration in which we helped create the Inca Football School, part of whose players have now been integrated into a Palma team led by Mallorca Integra.

Within this initiative, the Foundation promotes physical exercise and psycho-emotional health among groups of people with disabilities who would otherwise have difficult access to sports, one of the basic pillars for the proper functioning of the immune system.


we support the paralympic skier Úrsula Pueyo

We have had the honour of supporting the Spanish Paralympic alpine skier Úrsula Pueyo for several years now, as part of the company’s philosophy of promoting sports.

We are proud that athletes like her have the opportunity to participate in national and international competitions. She represents a clear example of the values associated with sports that we admire. She won three silver medals and one bronze medal at the first Paralympic Winter World Cup held in Sweden in 2009. She also represented Spain at the Vancouver 2010 Paralympic Games.