We at Labo’Life like to take care of the physical and emotional welfare of our employees through a responsible business practice committed to health, training, environmental sustainability and family and work conciliation.


Esquema nuestra visión de la salud

a biosustainable building

More than 70 employees of Labo’Life España develop their work in a sustainable building in Consell (Mallorca), with environmental characteristics that seek maximum efficiency and low energy consumption. This is one of the few industrial facilities in the Balearic Islands with class A energy rating.

This means that it reduces energy consumption by 38% compared to a conventional installation. The building has 32 solar panels for an electricity generation of 15,000 kWh/year, which covers the entire consumption required for air conditioning and sanitary hot water.

The building has thermal insulation on facedes and roofs, uses low-emission glass and solar control, and its indoor lighting is composed of LED bulbs. It also has a tank with capacity to store 100,000 litres os rainwater, which is used for toilets and irrigation, and a highly efficient cooling system. A green roof on most of the building makes it possible to cultivate a small garden with some vegetables and aromatic plants.

Esquema nuestra visión de la salud

school of health

We have created an internal programme called “Escuela de Salud de Labo’Life” (Labo’Life School of Health) which offers health and wellness conferences and workshops for the company’s employees. We want to offer employees a series of resources that allow them to take responsability for their own health and acquire healthy habits: eating a balanced diet, practising sports, improving mental and emotional well-being, among others.

In addition to the company’s employees, we invite Labo’Life’s suppliers and collaborators, whom we already consider friends, to these events. The programme was inaugurated in May 2018 with a talk on balanced nutrition offered by Gemma Bes, a nutritionist from the Rafa Nadal Academy and the Juaneda Sport Health of Manacor (Mallorca).

Within that programme, our speakers have also talked about issues that can harm our health due to lake of information. We have learned how to decipher the sunscreen labels or employ visual yoga to help alleviate the discomfort caused by the many hours spent in front of computer screens.


Esquema nuestra visión de la salud

language training

An extensive language training programme allows our employees to attend two hours a week of foreign language classes (English, French and German) at the company’s own facilities.

The courses are given during working hours and with the purpose of breaking down language barriers between colleagues and improving communication between them, given the multilingual and international nature of the company.

Esquema nuestra visión de la salud

family conciliation

Labo’Life is a company that prioritises the physical health, and psychological and emotional welfare of its employees. For this reason, it has numerous ways to conciliate their work and family life: flexible working hours, telecommuting, reduced working hours, short or long leave of absence, and so on.

A clear example of how much the company cares about the health of its employees is the private insurance it has provided them, apart from the health care provided by their Social Security affiliation.