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The mission of the Administration and Finance Department is to manage the resources used in an optimum, sustainable and efficient manner, thereby assuring the growth of the group at an international level and the launch of new projects.



The functions of the Communication Department are:

  • To disseminate the concept and benefits of micro-immunotherapy to anyone who seeks information about it.

  • To provide guidance to doctors and other health professionals to help them integrate micro-immunotherapy into their daily practice and enhance the overall understanding of the therapy.



The main function of the Quality Control Department and Quality Assurance (QA) Unit is that of assuring that pharmaceutical quality standards are adhered to during the entire drug production process, from the raw materials right up to the final product, in compliance with current regulations and our quality systems.



The mission of the General Management is to define the lines of the Labo’Life group and to help each one of the heads of departments fulfil their mission.



The function of the Qualified Person is to guarantee that both the production facilities and all medicines that are released onto the market comply with regulations and pharmaceutical quality systems (Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP), in accordance with pharmaceutical authorities.



The aim of the Clinical Evaluations Department is to ensure that interventional and non-interventional studies are carried out and permit, on the one hand, scientific recognition of micro-immunotherapy and, on the other hand, documentation of the efficacy of our medicines.

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R+d & aip


The functions of the R+D and Active Ingredients Production Department are:

  • To develop and optimise the production and purification processes of the active substances of our medicines, using biotechnology techniques.

  • To produce raw materials of biotechnology origin for the manufacture of our medicines in compliance with rigorous demands on quality, purity and safety, in accordance with current legislation (according to Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP).

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Beyond maintaining order and cleanliness in all workplaces that is essential for each team member to be able to carry out their tasks, cleaning, disinfection and the maintenance of the facilities are central pillars in a company like ours, as they guarantee the daily correct functioning of the facilities and the safety of the medicines.



The Logistics Department is responsible for managing the orders for medicines and the distribution to pharmacies and wholesalers, complying with the Good Distribution Practices (GDP) established by the pharmaceuticals industry.



To help doctors integrate micro-immunotherapy into their therapeutic strategy, for the benefit of patients.


To help doctors…”: Our overriding mission is to make available all medicines and information that doctors may need to prescribe micro-immunotherapy safely and in a way adapted to each of their patients.


“…integrate micro-immunotherapy into their therapeutic strategy…”: To restore the lasting health of the patient, a personalised therapeutic strategy that takes into account all factors that affect him, needs to be implemented. Within this strategy, micro-immunotherapy can be combined with other treatments.


“…for the benefit of patient: Patients are unique persons, heroes of modern times who say NO to illness and disease. They seek solutions and turn to their doctors to be helped and accompanied on the “pathway” to restore their health. Providing these solutions to patients, using micro-immunotherapy, is the reason for our being.


At Labo’Life, we are at the heart of micro-immunotherapy development, to make it grow for the service of patients and doctors.

OUR ORGANIsAtIoN, Our team


According with our mission, to make all the benefits of micro-immunotherapy available to doctors and patients, we have created an industrial and pharmaceutical structure that allows:

  1. The availability of quality, effective and safe medicines.

  2. The development of micro-immunotherapy within a medical and scientific framework.


For the coordination and good operation of this structure, at Labo’Life our management system is based on subsidiarity. This means that each department, leader and collaborator:

  • Has his defined and formalised individual mission.

  • Has the necessary tools and autonomy to make decisions and exercise his competencies.

  • Manages his resources intelligently.

  • Establishes relationships based on trust and transparency.

  • Assumes responsibility for his actions and results in the execution of his tasks.



Within the Labo’Life group there are new lines of development:

  • At an international level, to allow health professionals from other countries to introduce micro-immunotherapy into their therapeutic strategy for the benefit of their patients.

  • At an institutional level, to establish collaboration agreements in the field of micro-immunotherapy.



The main mission of the Medicine Production Department is to guarantee the availability of medicines that comply with the required quality and safety criteria, in accordance with current legislation (respecting the Good Manufacturing Practices - GMP) at all times.


Laboratorio de producción Labo’Life España
Labo’Life España Production Laboratory
Laboratorio de producción Labo’Life Belgium
Labo’Life Belgium Production Laboratory


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The mission of the Registrations Department is to draw up, review and update all necessary documentation for the registration of medicines, complying with the regulatory requirements of the authorities in each country.