Promoting immune health for every patient

Our purpose 

We are a pharmaceutical company leader in low dose immunotherapy. We work together with patients and healthcare professionals to help people rewrite their health story by nurturing, strengthening and helping to develop the full potential of their immune system.

Why care about immunity?

Pathology is the tip of the iceberg of a maladjusted system. A vulnerable immune system does not know how to manage and adapt to the challenges of our daily lives, making us susceptible to the development and progression of different disorders. In contrast, a healthy and fit immune response naturally copes with changes and ensures our health.

Our approach 

Smart immunomodulation 

We have a deep respect for the natural functioning of the organism. That is why we are pioneers in a form of immunotherapy that advocates working in the same way as the body does.


Innovation it’s in our name. We have brought together the most up-to-date notions of immunotherapy with concepts of systemic medicine and with the great respect that more traditional techniques confer to the body’s capacity for self-regulation. We are leaders in our field, and dedicate our efforts to continue growing and bring these therapeutic solutions to patients all over the world.


For 30 years we have been manufacturing immune system care medicines, following international pharmaceutical quality standards. We invest in the continuous development of our raw materials production processes and draw on the latest research in pharmaceutical biotechnology.

Our role

We are your immune system’s ally. We aspire to a culture in which the immune system is given its due importance: in which people trust their immune system and collaborate with it.

Our values

Our vision is product of our personality. A nature that we share among all the people working at Labo’life. Our team is our strength, because we share the same values. 

People’s first

Everyone should be involved in their heath, be listened and cared for. That’s why we strive to find solutions to help you discover and work the root of the problem. That’s why we partner with your immune system and provide patients and healthcare professionals with tools to optimize their health and enjoy a fuller and better quality of life.

Committed to your health

We are committed to delivering the highest quality medicines and processes, explaining why we do what we do. We ensure that colleagues, clinicians and patients understand how the immune system works and the benefits of micro-immunotherapy.

True to ourselves

We do not always fit into the established framework. We promote immune health as a lifestyle, in which people participate, respecting their body’s rhythms and trusting their immunity.

Our Timeline

Much has changed since our early days. But we remain true to our purpose. Explore the major milestones of our journey. 

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