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What do our micro-immunotherapy solutions​ consist of?

We aim to help you develop the full potential of your immune system. Our treatments are designed to provide healthcare professionals and patients with the opportunity to access immunomodulatory therapies in their daily health care. They are available in the form of medicinal products, which can be obtained from pharmacies.

We focus on Smart immunomodulation

Did you know that the immune response is dynamic, adaptive and really sophisticated? We have a deep respect for the unique characteristics of immunity, that’s why the design of our medicines harness the properties of the immune system and intelligently adapt to its natural functioning.

What are they  used for?​

Micro-immunotherapy medicines can be used for the support of the immune system in most of the pathologies that have a major impact on people’s quality of life, being primarily recommended in:

Inflammatory & pain disorders

Recurrent infections


Stress-related diseases

Prevention strategies

Autoimmune diseases

Herpesvirus infections

Age-related diseases

Oncology support

What are micro-immunotherapy medicines made of?

The main active ingredients of our therapeutic solutions are low and ultra-low doses of immunologically active molecules such as cytokines (interleukins, interferons, chemokines, growth factors…) and nucleic acids, having both an active role influencing immune responses.

Using cytokines as raw materials has the advantage that these molecules act in the body as the usual messengers of immune signals – that is why they are sometimes called as well signaling molecules – and have a great capacity for immune regulation. In turn, the nucleic acids used to produce the active ingredients of our medicines can either be plant-origin molecules that seek to activate the immune response or, in the case of our specific nucleic acids (SNA®), chemical-based oligonucleotides that target one or more genes involved in a particular pathologic process.

Our multi-target strategy

One of the most curious features of our treatments is that, unlike other immunomodulators, they include several active ingredients in one single dose. Why? Because immune reaction is not limited to one site, it’s global, systemic. Moreover, it does not rely on a single mediator, but several act together to articulate the final response. It is said that immune reaction is dependent on the cytokine microenvironment.

Our experience shows that large amounts of cytokines are not required to influence immune response. In fact, they are such active molecules that in the physiological response they even induce a reaction in really small amounts.

Our therapeutic solutions are inspired by these features and include several active ingredients in its formulations, produced in low and ultra-low doses, with the aim of promoting an upregulation or downregulation of the implicated mediators and reestablish their right equilibrium in the organism, while enhancing their tolerability.

We adapt to the rhythms of your body

Have you ever thought about how immune reactions chain together like dominoes? Whether we take the example of a basic inflammatory reaction or look at the chain of more complex immune responses, there is an order in the events and a transmission of successive information. Like other aspects of biology, the immune system also has its own chronology. Micro-immunotherapy medicines are conceived in a way that seeks to respect the body’s natural rhythms. That’s why you’ll find out that our treatments are sequential and you will need to follow a specific sequence when taking the medicine.

Sublingual administration

Our treatments should be taken sublingually (oromucosally), i.e., the capsules must be opened and emptied under the tongue until they are completely dissolved. This form of administration is particularly designed to ensure rapid absorption of the active substances, in a way that allows them to meet the tissues under the tongue, which have immunological characteristics.

Frequent asked questions

In our product range, we mainly have non-prescription medicines. However, we have some prescription medicines as well. Since this may differ from country to country, it is important to check the local prescribing information and therapeutic indications in your country or consult your health professional in case of doubt.

In any case, we advise you to always consult your healthcare professional before starting a new micro-immunotherapy treatment, as he or she will be able to assess the state of your immunity and recommend the most appropriate solution for you, depending on your particular case.

Are you looking for a doctor trained in micro-immunotherapy?

Our micro-immunotherapy medicines are not freely available for sale other than in pharmacies. 

If you are a pharmacy and you are interested in dispensing micro-immunotherapy, you can contact our ordering service to place an order. You can also use the contact form on our website or the order form by product that you will find by registering in our professional area.

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