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Micro-immunotherapy = your immunity training

 Both deficient and exacerbated immune responses can turn into disease. Your immune system becomes vulnerable when it no longer mounts an efficient response to potential threats or recognizes what is good for the body.

Micro-immunotherapy, also referred sometimes as low dose immunotherapy, advocates restoring immune function as a means to regain and maintain long-term health.

There are many strategies today that target the immune system. Some are global measures that target the overall functioning of your immune system, such as a balanced diet, moderate daily exercise, stress management, good sleep, hygiene, etc. Others are therapies aimed at compensating for deficiencies associated with immune reactions performance, such as nutraceuticals.

Immunomodulatory treatments are aimed at specifically treating immune system imbalances at the core of pathological processes, using molecules or compounds designed to suppress, block, activate or regulate immune responses.

This is a question we have asked ourselves. Treating symptoms is useful in the short term, but not in the long term, which is why we advocate regulating immunity and not simply blocking or boosting some of its functions. At the end, it’s not about strengthening your immunity beyond its normal, healthy capacity. It’s about helping it work in its natural optimum.

Micro-immunotherapy is an immunomodulatory therapy that seeks to work as closely as possible to how the body works. The raw materials used in micro-immunotherapy are endogenous molecules such as cytokines, proteins from our body with an active role in the coordination of immune reactions, and they are prepared and administered in low or ultra-low doses, in order to respect your body’s physiological processes and guarantee a better tolerability of the treatments. 

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In our medicines page you will find more information about our micro-immunotherapy products, as well as you will find answers to frequent asked questions.

If your general practitioner is not yet familiar with micro-immunotherapy, please feel free to refer him to us for information about this therapy.

You can also contact a health professional trained in this therapy, as they will be best placed to recommend the most appropriate treatment for you, depending on your
clinical case and the state of your immunity.

There are medical associations dedicated to the training of healthcare professionals in micro-immunotherapy:

AEMI — Asociación Española de Microinmunoterapia

IFMi — Institut Français de Micro-immunothérapie

MeGeMIT — Medizinische Gesellschaft für Mikroimmuntherapie

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