Health is the state of internal balance - both physical as well as psycho-emotional - of our body and, in turn, of the interaction of this with its surroundings. What does “be in a balanced state” mean?

On the one hand, it means that the body’s systems and their corresponding organs, tissues and cells are interacting and functioning correctly. Amongst these systems, the immune system plays a major role as, thanks to its innate capacity for communication and coordination, it is able to actively fight internal and/or external agents that may compromise our health. For this reason, it is commonly called a defence shield or our health guardian.

On the other hand, being in a balanced state entails having emotional well-being. This is essential, as it is known that both the mind and the emotions have a huge influence on our body and, in particular, on our immune system. These, in turn, can impact on our psycho-emotional state.

Nevertheless, there are many other factors that influence this balance. Amongst them are:

  • Our genetic inheritance.

  • Our environmental surroundings (viruses, bacteria, parasites, toxins, electromagnetic fields, etc.)

  • Our social surroundings (our way of relating to others)

  • Our lifestyle (diet, stress, exercise, sleep quality, etc.)


Esquema nuestra visión de la salud


In short, it is clear that any small change or alteration in one or several of these aspects may lead to a deficient regulation of the body - including the immune system. If this situation is maintained over time, specific symptoms and/or certain diseases appear.

Considering the complexity of these interrelationships, in order to be able to help the patient restore his long-term health it is essential to implement a personalised therapeutic strategy. This involves using different therapies in a synergic manner and also encouraging changes in the patient’s lifestyle and/or habits, taking their circumstances and specific needs into account.

Within this strategy, micro-immunotherapy can be a great ally for the immune system, as it uses its same language to transmit specific information to it and help recuperate its innate functioning capacity. In this way micro-immunotherapy provides the immune system with the necessary tools to successfully fight anything that may affect the complex and delicate balance of our health.