We are rebranding to celebrate our 30th anniversary!

When you trust and collaborate with your immune system, you can rewrite your health story. This is a lesson we’ve learned on our journey and witnessed through the accounts of health professionals and patients. This 2023, we are renewing our graphic and verbal identity to look ahead to the future and keep working to help you develop the full potential of your immune system.

We reached our 30th anniversary! Like in every good story, a fresh look was deemed necessary! This year we’ve started a complete rebranding to set the groundwork for our future ambitions and share the experience we’ve gained throughout our journey. It’s been a long time since we decided to engage in taking care of the immune system, driven by the conviction that immune imbalances are the cause behind many of the diseases people suffer from. Today, we’ve had the opportunity to witness how people from all ages, suffering from different disorders in different life circumstances, have been able to rediscover their health by reprogramming and restoring their immune function.

A new chapter

Our greatest ambition is to ensure that the immune system is given the importance it deserves, to inform and share our knowledge on immunity in an easy and accessible way, so that both professionals and patients understand the opportunity that treating immunity provides. We aspire to make immunomodulatory therapies accessible to all healthcare professionals in their daily practice and to make patients feel better taken care of, participating in their treatment and understanding immune health as a lifestyle.

To better represent who we are and the vision we promote, and to get closer to health professionals and patients, we’ve set out to transform our brand. This renewal starts with our logo, it continues throughout our visual identity (new colour pallet, typographies…) and culminates in our tone of voice and attitude (language).

We’re not changing our logo because we want to be different, but because we believe it
matters to put into practice what we’ve learned along the way.

We change our look

Our new logo symbolises our essence and our future ambition. We’ve simplified our name spelling because we firmly believe that treating the immune system doesn’t have to be complicated or inaccessible. It is easy when you know how to do it and count on adapted therapeutic solutions. We’re a pharmaceutical laboratory, scientific and regulated, yet led by people who care for and are committed to people’s health; we’re all in one, hence our name is written as a single word. We produce micro-immunotherapy treatments because we believe that by protecting what you have inside you can promote positive changes in your health. We don’t wish to change your life, but we strive for you to change your health story with the support of our treatments. The arches in our new logo symbolise the protection of what matters: protect and take care of your immune system, protect and take care of what you have inside.

Your immune system ally

Our origin

Some projects come into being by accident. Others start from a carefully studied and measured business plan, aimed at meeting an existing social demand or creating new social needs. Our project was born out of curiosity and perseverance, the attentive listening to the patient and the firm determination to respond to unanswered questions, to real therapeutic needs that lacked adapted solutions.

Back in 1992 we laid the foundations of what is now an international pharmaceutical company governed by the regulations and specifications of its sector. Little could we have imagined, back in those first years, that pursuing that firm belief would lead us to building a company that today employs a hundred people in 10 departments, working side by side to make available to health professionals and patients a safe and effective quality medicine.

It’s hard to get off track when there’s a strong conviction guiding you through, regardless of how much you grow, evolve, and whether or not everybody shares in your approach. Taking care of your immune system is and has always been at the heart of Labo’life’s project.

Flicking through the pages of any of today’s medical or scientific revues, 2 out of 3 times -if not 3 out of 3-, one will find an article on immunology or immunotherapy. This accounts for an enthusiasm that is growing exponentially and which has turned ever more apparent in recent years, so much so that it has led to the emergence of new clinical and research fields such as immunogenetics, immuno-oncology or immunometabolism.

At the time when we decided to engage in taking care of the immune system, few were those who were even considering taking it into account as part of their treatments. The undertaking of those few willing to treat their patients in a different way as well as their courage to take into account the immune system as part of their therapeutic strategy were the driving force behind the creation of Labo’life 30 years ago.

Becoming Labo’life

We started from the conviction that immune dysfunction is at the root of many of the health conditions that people suffer from. We also started from a therapeutic approach based on immune modulation and nurtured by a deep respect for the body’s natural mechanisms: low-dose immunotherapy or micro-immunotherapy. The question then was, how do we share this reality and the potential we see in micro-immunotherapy with health professionals and patients?

By creating a pharmaceutical laboratory.

We created Labo’life in October 1992 with the aim of delivering a real, tangible, accessible and safe pharmaceutical product to treat the immune system.

We have put our knowledge and experience, our initiative and creativity as well as that of our employees and partners, into creating and developing an entire pharmaceutical structure to produce integrated and unique therapeutic solutions that draw on the immune system’s
capacities and adapt smartly to its natural functioning.

Our journey began by designing our medicines and their pharmaceutical form, creating all of our production processes from scratch. We set up quality control units for our products and developed our own manufacturing processes for active substances based on raw materials of immunological origin. We carried all this out with the endorsement and recognition of the pharmaceutical authorities and by implementing the good manufacturing practices that apply to all industries in the sector.

We started small. However, our solid foundations have allowed us to grow while incorporating everything needed to make our medicines available to health professionals and patients. During this time, we have created clinical and pre-clinical research units to prove the efficacy and safety of our products and underpin our therapeutic concept. We have as well automated various manufacturing and management processes, we’ve become international and thus have had to elaborate, document and update everything needed in compliance with the requirements of each country.

We are currently a much more mature company. Along the way, we have professionalised, more dedicated and committed people have joined our team, participating in this project on a daily basis, distilling their knowledge and skills. Looking back, a lot has changed since our beginnings, but we stay true to our convictions and our determination to provide adapted micro-immunotherapy treatments so that people can take care of their immune system.

The lessons we’ve learned

We’re immensely proud of these 30 years. It hasn’t been easy. Like in any good story, we’ve had to face challenges, we’ve had our successes, difficulties, joys and unexpected twists. From all of these situations we’ve been able to draw our lessons, mainly two:

1. When you trust and collaborate with your immune system, you can transform your health story.

Health depends on the good functioning of the immune system. In other words, immune dysfunction is the common thread in most pathologies. This means you can promote positive changes in your health by working on your immunity. Our products’ clinical results have bolstered our conviction in recent years: we’ve seen how people, from all age groups, suffering from different disorders, under different circumstances in life and with different medical histories, have been able to rediscover their health, managing chronic disease, overcoming limitations or simply improving their quality of life. Restoring and normalising immune function allows for in-depth work which truly lasts.

2. Any person needs to participate and get involved in taking care of their health

Once you have gained understanding of a situation, you can act. It is important that people understand why their immunity is important to their health, to participate in change, to take action and trust their health professional. It is important that the health professional feels in possession of the tools needed to address their patient’s immunity, and that they have the reassurance of having those who listen and support them by their side.

What the future holds

On the occasion of our 30th anniversary, we enter a new chapter. We will by all means stay committed to offering high quality medicines and processes and investing all of our efforts in providing our therapeutic solutions to those who need them. Nevertheless, henceforth we wish to share our experience and put into practice what we’ve learned. For us, this means:

  • We want the immune system to be given the importance it deserves: we want people to trust it and collaborate with it, encouraging them to discover what their immune systems do and participate in taking care of their body.


  • We aim to turn the treatment of immunity into a clinical reflex, bringing it closer to every health professional, since treating immunity shouldn’t be a one-off event, but part of daily clinical practice. It is by understanding how to treat immunity that we can transform a person’s health story. Micro-immunotherapy offers the opportunity to work in such a way.


  • We advocate for a more human medicine that partners with patients in taking care of their health, letting them participate in the process. We’re committed to promoting greater doctor-patient interaction, fostering relations based on mutual trust to help health professionals adapt their treatment to each patient’s unique needs and thus improve their accompaniment.
All in all, for the future, we want to work together to help you develop the full potential of your immune system, whether you want to rewrite your health story or improve your quality of life.

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